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The company's history - brief presentation

In 1996 Verros Konstantinos exploiting his studies at the Aristitelio University, his professional experience in Greece and in Germany as well as his academic experience as a scientific co-operator of the T.E.I. of Serres, establishes the Financial Advisors Company Verros Konstantinos.

Year by year the company, taking advantage of its comparative advantages and the need for high quality services towards enterprises and institutions of the broader area, enlarges the number of its customers, acquiring recognition and confidence from the business world.

The company following a constant growing course, increases it executives and offers, always with the same quality and consistency, new services, such as accounting support Municipalities and Local Communities of Greece, legal persons of public law and developing of human resources services. Today, after a ten year course, located in new, privately-owned offices, established in the specific area, continues to offer numerous services with knowledge, professionalism and responsibility.

Ten years of constant successful course

Company’s History

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